[OPEN] $2,500 / month || AudioVisual / Special Effects design position || BOOGA BOOGA

Hi, I’m Soybeen, lead developer of BOOGA BOOGA, a highly interactive survival game driven by UGC, competitive PvP, and intelligent AI, all set in a huge open-world map!

We are searching for someone who is ready to exercise their creative intelligence in the realm of audiovisual design, and front-end implementation of special effects.

Required knowledge and skills:

  • Complete knowledge of ParticleEmitters, Beams, Sounds, Attachments, and other effects-related objects
  • Complete knowledge of Post-Processing effect objects (SunRays, ColorCorrection, Blur)
  • On-the-fly color & material swapping for models in live servers
  • Creating convincing atmospheres
  • TweenService, for transitioning between effects (included concepts- effect priorities / effect overrides, and timing)
  • Understanding of Lighting.TimeOfDay, related properties
  • Working knowledge of Lua
  • Working knowledge of Region3, Vector3, Rays, UDim2 and their utility
  • Working knowledge of the Animation Editor (humanoid and otherwise)
  • Working knowledge of GUI Objects and understanding the UserInputService
  • Attention to aesthetic detail

Your technical knowledge will be required for programming the effects to appear front-end, as you envision them, but for complicated implementation, custom functions can be created.

First month production goals will include special effects for:

  • Magical spells (fireballs, auras, channeling teleport, etc)
  • Weather (rain, snow, Lighting and Terrain color changes)
  • Area-specific atmospheres
  • Natural disasters (volcanic eruption, forest fires, blizzards, hurricanes)
  • UI interaction effects (achieving a “haptic” response)
  • Transition screens (player spawn, player death)
  • Purchase effects for market
  • Destruction effects for various entities (structures, items, creatures)
  • Tool usage effects (musical tools)

The Audiovisual Specialist’s duty is more complex than designing standalone effects.
Sometimes effects will need to move through the physical world.

What Booga Booga already comes with:

  • Functions for painting models based on pre-defined color profiles
  • All assets are designed with Color in mind,
  • Rudimentary Day / Night / Weather transitions and effects
  • Placeholder animations, with backend support for more
  • Extensive sound banks in .ogg format, including music
  • Extensive assets ready to be colorized and animated

Who are your teammates?

In just a month, Booga Booga has expanded from indie-game to full production with 5 people on staff, and the team is something really special. I take a personal role in the development of this project, so I’ll be around to work with you or answer questions virtually 24/7. A cohesive and communicative team is an effective one.

To be considered as an applicant, you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age to apply
  • demonstrate sufficient skill in creating special effects, atmospheres, and audovisual experiences
  • put forth your best effort towards meeting pre-defined weekly and monthly production goals
  • have a Discord account
  • accept payment in either USD (PayPal), or in Robux

There is no hourly requirement. Instead, weekly and monthly production goals are set. We embrace an agile scrum-esque supervision style to keep everyone motivated, heard, and goal-oriented. Flexibility and creative freedom are highly valued for this project!

Pay rate for this position starts at $2,500 USD (~714,000 Robux) per month.
The job term starts at 1 month but can be renegotiated after that period.

If you’re interested and qualified for the job, send me a message here on the DevForum, or post below including a showcase of your most attractive qualifications, and how you could bring them to Booga Booga!

This offer will remain open until a candidate is chosen. The accepted candidate can get to work immediately. If you want more information about this position, ask questions below.


Working on Booga is a joy!

Soybeen and everyone else on the team is very passionate about the project and are constantly improving the game in creative ways.

Absolutely recommend anyone on the fence to apply! Looking forward to meeting the newest member of the team :slight_smile:


“Audiovisual / Special Effects DESIGNER
I’m quite confused, isn’t this more than being a audiovisual creator ?

This probably means it have to “react”, therefore, as you mentionned, you need to know TweenService, but since you have to set it up, it’s more correct to say you also need minimum of Lua knowledge to edit current UIs with MouseEnter, Click, Edit imagelabels, and so on.

Once again, this isn’t only about graphics, Transition means animated, which conclude in using Lua.

If it isn’t the case and local codes are all included, isn’t it less confusing to just
call it “Artist/Graphic Designer” ? artists can draw, and for something specific such as spells use, it might be appropriate for most case, even if it’s pretty clear they don’t actually have requirement that barely only programmers knows :

That aside, i think i’ll get a much better idea of what you’re looking for
if you think i am eligible or not to apply, Check out my Portfolio

(which i’m not showcasing others than UI, but are you perhaps looking for a environment version of animated graphics ? would make sense to specify “Region3” and “Ray” knowledge required, but once again, have trouble understanding as you use these datatype almost solely as a programmer)

The position will require more technical expertise than can be gleaned from that title, which is why I chose not to name it that. If I had to pick a more appropriate title, it would be Technician, Specialist, or something along those lines.

The responsibilities of this position cover both the design, and the front-end implementation aspects for the graphics/audio/special effects/animation. That implementation definitely requires working knowledge of Lua, which I attempted to express in the Required Knowledge and Skills section. I will edit the OP to further clarify that.

Question about this position - are any art skills required? Would the developer fitting this position need to have any modeling, animation, texture or sound engineering skills? Or is this position purely programming the game’s UIs, polished effects, and UI interaction, lighting / ‘atmosphere’, etc?

Mainly asking as I have over 7 years of experience programming, and I am fairly knowledgable about creating proper game atmospheres to achieve immersion, but I have almost no skills as an artist (I cannot texture, and have limited modeling capability with unions/CSG).

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I predict the position will go to a multi-talented candidate. Someone who has experience in both artistic design, and technical implementation.

A special effects designer who has massive particle libraries on-hand may not need to have illustration skills to produce quality special effects, but you can see where this would become a handicap if we required a custom asset.

Special effects in my vocabulary are different from drawn-art in the sense that they must be programmed/keyframed/animated- something more than raw design and static renders. To do this on Roblox you’ll need working knowledge of Lua, almost par for the course.


So I was recently taking a look at this, and I’m actually a Special Effects designer. I’m experienced with particles, beams, trails, lighting, post-processing effects, and some basic scripting methods to improve upon the look of particles. Although this job really appeals to me, some of the extras you mentioned such as transitions, TweenService, Region3, and UDim2, are out of my expertise. I’d love to talk more about this position but as of now, some of these requirements are a bit much for me.


I’m always open for talented people to send me their portfolios in every aspect of development.

Those fields of expertise are pretty much required for this specific position. That being said, new positions open up all the time.

Hey there!
I’m definitely interested in this position. I’ve got a decade of experience behind me, and I’m real good at making things look real good!

I’m experienced in all things roblox and game design, but especially Lua and FX.
Here’s a couple examples of relevant stuff I’m working/worked on, titled as follows, You can find these and more on my full portfolio:

Realms Demo

A project I’ve been working on on and off for a couple years now
Link to game

Crossing Simulator

Link to game

Project Kyber (WIP)

Link to game

Rain Reflectance Test

Link to game

Thanks for reading! :smile:


So, I have all of those skills, but I’m not at the max at them, I mean I’m better at scripting AIs and tools, but I can do that too. That’s a huge offer, I’m wondering too because there are only a few answers…
There’s just a problem, that it’s better to don’t talk about in a opened topic.

I meet all of these requirements, and I’d like to apply for the job. The most I’d enjoy for this job is making particle effects, sounds isn’t really my forte but I’m very good at making effects. There’s one thing I’d like to know before I apply though. Can the payment be split if 2 people were to take up the position? I have a friend that would also be willing to take this offer.

I don’t have many examples of effects, but I can guarantee that you will not have wasted your time recruiting me, and my friend. I’d rather show you effects that I’ve created on my Discord as it’s personal to me.

If a 2 person collaboration is fine with you, then you can add me on my Discord.

Hi. Do you also take scripting positions, if so im interested!

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I highly reccomend MrOwls, he is one of the top audio visual designer in the community and has worked with big names in the past. He is the only man for the job, but the budget is probally to small for him.

If you’re interested, my tag is jcnruad#6711(Discord).

I can definately do the audio portion!

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