[Open] 250k+ Hiring Vehicle Scripter

About The Job
Looking for someone to script many vehicles. You must have experience when messaging me. Also a note about the vehicles they are low poly so there will be a “E” to enter button.

  • Sport cars
  • Supercars
  • Limos
  • Emergency vehicles

Every class of vehicles will have its own stats for example sports cars would be fast. Limos would be slow but they will have a max acceleration limit.

If possible I would like you to have some experience with vehicle programming

When you get hired you would have the option to either be paid per vehicle or you can be paid after they are all done.

Robux 250k+
USD 875 USD range

Contact Information
Discord: (Best Way To Contact)
Twitter: @DrippyRyze (Might take me a while)


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