[OPEN] [250USD/70K] Project Zenture Is Looking For An Animator!

Project Zenture

About Us

Hi there! Project Zenture is an enormous upcoming MMORPG game and we are close to launch! We’re looking for animator who is willing to join our team and capable of doing quality animations for Zenture.

About The Job

We are looking for a skilled animator to join our team as the only animator. We expect high quality animations that are between the cartoon-ish and realistic style. Good communication skills are appreciated; we require daily progress updates. We are using a modified R15 boy rig which will be provided, parts are the same as R15 in addition to rigged fingers.
The required animations contain but are not limited to (meaning there might be some basic animations not listed);

  • Running (With sword, staff, dagger or bow or unarmed)
  • Walking (With sword, staff, dagger or bow or unarmed)
  • Idle (With sword, staff, dagger or bow or unarmed)
  • Attack Animations for Dagger (3x)
  • Skills Animations for Dagger (3x)
  • Attack Animations for Sword (3x)
  • Skills Animations for Sword (3x)
  • Attack Animations for Staff (3x)
  • Skills Animations for Staff (3x)
  • Attack Animations for Bow (3x)
  • Skills Animations for Bow (3x)
  • Sheathe & Unsheathe
  • Emotes (3x)


A Few Screenshots of Zenture




Payment would be via Robux or PayPal, and can be a mix of both.
For Robux: 850-2.3K Robux Per Animation (Negotiable)
For PayPal: 3-8 USD Per Animation (Negotiable)

Contact Us

You can contact us via any of the following methods:
On DevForum @AlvinPolys
Via Twitter @AlvinPolys
Via Discord AlvinPolys#0001
For availablility times check my portfolio.
You must be 15 years or older to apply and make sure to send the following:

  • Some of your previous work or your portfolio.
  • A short paragraph introducing your self.

If you have any inquires don’t hesitate to ask!
Thanks for your time! :smile:


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