[OPEN] [25K] Scripter for Car System


I am looking for someone that can:

  • Script the general functionalities of a car (WASD movement).

  • Add suspension that will work well on terrain.

  • Create other small details.

  • Create speed UI (nothing to complex).

Add a reply if you would like to work on this project, or DM me on developer forum.


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It’s best to show the kind of terrain you’re using so people can get an idea of what the car needs to drive over. More so “other small details” is very vague and will likely turn some away.

Lastly. You might need to up the pay a bit.

A-Chassis should cover what you want :slight_smile:
That being said, if you’re not too familiar with scripting and want customizations done (as posted), I’d be happy to assist you for a much lower amount.
Add me on discord: George#2294


Pay isn’t a problem. As said it is heavily negotiable.

I just have no idea what kind of price point to put on a car.

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