(Open | 30%) Unlocked Studios Looking For UI + Scripter


I am currently gathering a UI Designer that can also script for a new upcoming game FPS. We have to put the game back for 2 months now (been through 6 devs who just ghosted/quit). All we need rn is a new round system along with a new menu system. We are trying to get the game out hopefully this month or the next.

More Details Will Be Discussed In Dm’s

About The Job


  • 2+ Years Of Experience With Scripting & UI Designing
  • Get The Main Task Done This Month
  • Communication daily (2 - 3 times a week) is very important
  • Needs to be able to cooperate as a team
  • 14+
  • Experience with multiple platform scripting (Mobile etc.) - Would Like

Some Task (Although there will be many more in the future)
New Menu UI
Round System


30% Revenue For All Games

So far we have no funds for a Robux downpayment but that does not mean we won’t in the near future


Here On Dev Forum
(Best Way) Discord - TakeThisTaco#8042

Thanks For Reading :heart:

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