[OPEN] [400+ USD] Hiring long-term Developers who can create an advanced Ancient History styled Combat System

About Us

Greetings! -
We are a team of two friends who have been a part of the ROBLOX community for quite a long time. Throughout the years we have invested a lot of our time inside the smaller ROBLOX groups based on different themes such as Star Wars, Ancient History, Napoleonic Wars, and so on. We’re looking to innovate one of these, the Ancient Era; while every other genre has managed to progress their technology in someway the Ancient genre has been stuck using practically the same stuff since 2013! We’re looking to create a more fun and realistic battle experience that recreates the epic tales of Ancient history you’ve read about in your history books.


Past Projects:




About The Job

We’re looking for a capable developer who can create a non-laggy/non-buggy combat system based on the Ancient Greek Era involving use of Spears, Swords, Bows, Javelins which all need to be compatible with and without shield and mounted Horse technology. Which will include but not be limited to; Advanced Shield Blocking/Weapon Parrying Functions, Custom Stamina/Sprint Functions, Charged Attacks/Kicks/Block Breaking Functions and a Custom Lock Screen, all things we’re looking for in V1 of this Technology!

We’ll have a road-map of priorities during your development progress sectioning off “versions” progressively adding updates to this base Technology. We’ve got a detailed idea of what we want concerning the combat system, examples within existing games, as well as can fill out any inquiries one would have during your development process. Along with the extensive combat system, we want an in-game morale function that benefits players for being in formations and having strategic positioning along with other Roleplay systems!

All in all, we’re looking for a flexible committed Scripter/Animator to be a part of a long term labor of love project. If you’re the person for the job, depending on quality of work, payment prices can ALWAYS increase.


As of now, we will be paying in smaller amounts for each chunk of systems you create in a sort of interval system. Of course this payment method can always be discussed or changed in private, but know you will always get the amount agreed too as long as you complete your work with us.

Contact Us

Be sure to contact us if you’re interested. You can get our attention here on the Developer Forum by messaging us personally, or by joining our Discord server where you can contact us instantly: Development Hiring.

We hope to work with you soon! :sunglasses:


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