[Open] [$450 USD] Hiring modellers for an RPG

About the Project

Hello, we are working on an RPG and are looking for modlelers to make armor sets.

About The Job

Your work will entail modeling armor sets for R15 block rig after being given some references. Each armor set has to include 15 meshes, one for each body part (if two are identical, e.g. hands, then one is fine). Please ensure each mesh has a maximum of 2000 triangles and can be exported to roblox. Currently there is a need for 15 armor sets.


An armor set will be commissioned for $30 USD. This payment is only through PayPal, and you will receive the full amount once you show an image of the work being about half done.


Please message Arctan#1234 and show past relevant work. Thank you for your interest.

Do you pay by robux or only PayPal?

i mean how can we text you if your discord say we can’t text you

I’m interested. @RainbowStachio#2072

Open again; 30 character requirement

Hey I am interested in this project, I sent you a request on your discord, my discord is Lyte#1857

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