[OPEN] [45K + 15%] Light The Future is looking for a Scripter

About Us

Hi, I need a scripter for an upcoming game called Release The Killer, under the group: Light The Future. - Roblox

Nearly everything is completed from a building perspective. Most of the hard and dirty work from a scripting POV is already completed, so don’t worry.

About The Job

You’ll be tasked with teaming up with the scripter we already have to make things like:

  • Making UIs out of already made image labels (you just need to be able to put them together)
  • Expanding shop and inventory system
  • More that’ll be detailed once you’re hired

Be aware that most of the work will be somewhat simple as most of the framework has been done and we just need somebody to help speed up development.

There is no specific due date with this game, however I will be expecting daily progress. This does not mean you fixing one tiny bug a day, rather I expect substantial progress.


Payment is R$ 45,000 when the game is launched and an additional 15% of the game’s revenue from then on out. You must join the group listed in the About Us page to be paid.


  • Must be available for a lot of the day
  • Must know how to do aforementioned items in the About The Job section
  • Must be responsive — the last dev I want is someone who responds 8 hours after I send them a message
  • Must be cooperative
  • Must have an organized portfolio of some sort (you can make one directly before messaging me, and I prefer you send me a DevForum portfolio.)

Contact Us

You can message me on Discord: nr922#1932 . My DM’s are disabled unless we’re friends btw

This is our Twitter: https://twitter.com/LightTheFuture2

This is long term, so get ready.


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