[OPEN!] 6thSky - Modeler/Builder

Hello there, I am 6thSky and I am a experience modeler and decent builder (Mostly Modeling)

You can view my work below.

The Lookout


Time Chamber

U.A High School

Great Tomb of Nazarick


Pizza Place Low Poly

Small Models

Rejuvenation Chamber



Simulator Map

You can contact me any time, but I have less time on weekends.

Prices are negotiable, I accept robux per asset. My preferred payment method is Group Fund if you don’t have group fund then you can pay through Gamepasses (You Pay Tax)

My Starting Prices are around 3k although depending on what im commissioned for 8k is for a reasonable time taking build so some prices goes beyond 8k.

  • Detailed Big Models - Robux/Usd Negotiable
  • Detailed Small Models - Robux/Usd Negotiable
  • Maps/Small Assets - Negotiable

You can contact me through Discord as well as Twitter Devforum is not preferred but still works for me.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Your question depends if I wanna hire you or not.
Is the lookout Kami’s lookout?

Yea did i get the name wrong yea its kami’s from dbz

You have convinced me.
When I get the chance I’m hiring you 101% B)

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