[OPEN] A new game project is looking for a full time scripter and a 3D Modeler

About us; Greetings! First off, I’d like to thank you for clicking this post and showing interest in this project. Below, I’ll be stating some important details about our project, what type of development we’re looking for and what our game will be like so that you can ensure that working with us is the right fit for you. The team consists of close to 10 people including myself so far, however, because this is a large and complex project, we’re looking to expand the team and grow our development team. This is an exciting opportunity.

This project is completely finished with the planning phase and is now in the development phase and after a pause is starting to make progression and restart, the planning phase, which consisted of us thinking of ideas to revolutionize our game genre, emphasize quality and user experience, and stand out from the crowd in that sense with awesome features that I’m able to explain more if you message me. Keep in mind that this project is very large and complex, and we’ll in total need 1 scripter, 1 3D Modeler. If you enjoy working with a close knit, engaging team with awesome benefits and an exciting project and a which is on the move and working hard to generate new ideas, then this could be the right fit for you. Not every detail will be explained here, as there’s quite a bit that we plan to implement, but the basics are below. **Quality will be highly emphasized in this project, and we’re looking for realistic development.

The project is an awesome, exciting open world game that focuses on quality and scenery and allows its players to roleplay or participate in tasks and quests and receive rewards. The landscape will be similar to the Pacific Northwest and the valley with the border will be sorrounded by mountains, and people will be able to visit the national park, roleplay as police or fire department, or as border patrol or do anything they’d like, but will also have the ability to make the game more worthwhile for themselves by getting daily rewards, doing quests or working in these positions for the currency. The border will be of the United States and Canada. We are looking for administrators to innovate and give us ideas to improve the project, and ideas for financial growth and getting our game out there. There are numerous other ideas, like customization of homes, starting businesses and an open economy, a weather system, etc. Our game has beautiful and realistic scenery combined with ideas to engage our future playerbase and regular progress.

Bear in mind that it also has towns and neighborhoods and cars can be bought with the currency, alongside rewards that we’re planning to have, and much more.


The payment that you receive will depend on the quality and the quantity of the work that you’ve been asked to do. You will be paid on a work cycle basis meaning that you’ll only be paid when we have work for you to do, this is usually very regularly however, and not just sitting in your position without working. We will have work regularly. Contact me for more info about payment.

The benefits of working with us consist of working in a fair and actively discussing work environment with a close knit team. We look at it as this, this isn’t just my project, this is our project collectively and we’re all going to pitch in and work hard. You’ll have the satisfaction of being able to make an amazing and highly appreciated impact on our project by helping with development, and being able to carry out the ideas from the team. You will be coordinating with the administration team.

Although this isn’t a benefit, more of a requirement, we ask that you’re able to work on weekends and at least half of the weekdays outside of weekends for some time after school. This is so that you can remain an active and engaged member of the team and assist with progression regularly. We ask that you’re able to work with us for 40 minutes to 1 hour on these days. As a team, we only work 4 days a week and have decided on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays/Sundays since we wanna give you guys a balance.

Contact Us;

My main form of contact is discord and via devforum messages, however, I’d prefer using discord. If you have interest, you can add me on discord and I’ll be sure to accept your request and answer any questions as needed. My discord username and tag is amaze#8251

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