[Open] A particle designer is needed!

[Open] A particle designer is needed!

About us

Hi, I’m Dayko_22, Creative Designer at Wonder Dreams Studio, we’re looking for people who specialize in particle designs.

About work

Your particles must be good, they will be used for an RPG we’re working on, this is a short-term position. If we need more particles later we will let you know so you can do it, we will hire you again if we like the work you have done.

Reference Images: (These reference images belong to Adopt Me, Traitor and Overlook Bay)


Credits to Adopt Me, Traitor and Overlook Bay!


Payment can be discussed at DM’s.

Contact Us

Send us a message with your portfolio, with examples of your work. Please also let us know your Discord username so we have another way to contact you. If I send you a request look for MateoYT#5653 or add me!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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