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About the Project
Hi, so I’m making a relatively simple quick game called Admin Battlegrounds. Pretty much to give you the gist of the game players will receive admin powers that they can use to kill other players for points to buy more admin powers. This will in turn just create a nice simple loop for players to play in. This game doesn’t require a whole lot of coding, and I promise you will make you a lot of profit, as the game concept and layout are there. Also, the map is done!

So, Pretty much your job as a coder will be to code some basic leader stats, abilities, and a shop. This project should go by relatively quickly, and we should be earning revenue extremely quickly, it all depends on how fast you can execute it. I have made several games previously and am confident I’m by the ability to release and publish this game to a wide audience, with a very successful and profitable release. I’m not just some random 10 year old dev looking to make a sim, Lmao.

So I guarantee you if we execute this project will make a profit, so when it does we split it 50-50, if it doesn’t though I can compensate you with 10,000 robux.

You can either contact me on discord or here on the forum, or on Twitter, whether it’s for more info on the project or to inquire about applying for the position.

Twitter- @plethoa
Discord- Plethoa#9971

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