(OPEN AGAIN) Koussay35 l 3D modeler and texturing artist



Change logs : (Please read. really important before you commission me)

Since i’m still having problems with the pricing.
Here is a full thread showing what i model with the prices !

I Hope everything will be clear now :slight_smile: (click the thread to zoom in)

New Examples

Previous Examples

Low poly models

atm i have only one example


Really neat renders and models man, keep up the good work


holy crap, these are pretty freaking good - especially for a 15-year old. o-o

if you don’t mind sharing, what program(s) do you use?


Hello !
I use cinema 4d :). got a full copy from my brother who has a lifetime serial key.


I thought so! anyways dude, these models r pretty sick, I’m sure you’ll do amazing things with them.


Great news !

I will be getting 2 requests max at the moment !

Make sure you dm me on discord if you are interested ! : FrancklinDay#5208

For roblox style. i recommand you requesting lowpoly stuff as rendering a detailed realistic model on roblox would not look good at all. but its up to you.

I will be accepting : Guns/Objects/Items/Swords (i cant do body modeling. but i could make animals. but not human looking stuff)

And about the price. it depends on the work. so if your request is highly detailed. the price will be high. i accept robux only for now.

Have a great day :smiley:


I got 1 request done !

Sadly the customer is not accepted on the dev forums so he cannot reply.

But here is what he requested :slight_smile:

Still 1 request left for now !

Make sure you dm me if you are interested :smiley:


What about for texturing?


hello sir !

All the showcased guns are fully textured by me :slight_smile:


No non, what program did you use?


I use cinema 4d and photoshop to texture and model :slight_smile:
sometimes substance painter on my brother’s computer


Ah, I use Substance as well - great software!


something important:

ive been getting some requests to texture already made models. thats accepted. but please. this is so important

The model needs to be made on a 3d modeling program such as blender. this is why :

So when you build on roblox. you cant export union parts. and even if you do. when you try to uv unwrap the gun. the triangles and polypoints will get glitched on each part. even if you unwrap it you will get alot of problems texturing.

here is an example of a built shotgun on roblox studio

see how the handle texture is glitched ? its because roblox does not have the ability to fix the triangles positions. so yeah.


Great to work with! 10/10


thank you my man :smiley:


Very beautiful! Congratulations! :smiley:


since i already got 2 requests done and i have more time.

i will add 2 more requests !

make sure you dm me if you are interested !


something i would like to add as another example of my works :slight_smile:

This is my first time sculpting a model and it took me 46 hours to make it ! 6 days in total. and i’m gonna be honest tho. my brother helped me doing it. so yeah


Another work i did today. hope you like it !


New update everyone ! i will be accepting some commissions again ! hope you are interested :slight_smile: