(OPEN AGAIN) Koussay35 l 3D modeler and texturing artist



New change logs about the pricing ! and a fully detailed list of what i sell !


thats just unfair


whats the unfair ?


The incredible quality of your work. :open_mouth:


thank you so mush :slight_smile:


yeah what redduck said, you are incredible at your work already

youll do great later on in the industry, hoping i get some free time to work on more high def models like that, but ill never get into sculpting


thank you so mush :slight_smile:

and actually if you learn sculpting it will be simple. its basically drawing. you see how you draw a texture or a photo ? same with sculpting. drawing a model. by the time you will learn it :slight_smile:


no ive tried, im terrible at organic shapes and i have tried, i did a whole 2 weeks of just nose sculpting, lets just say they all looked the same