[OPEN] AhnYng | Builder/Modeler | Portfolio

AhnYng’s Builder/Modeler Portfolio!

Hello! I am an 18 year old builder and have been building for three years now on Roblox studio. I have the most experience in low-poly style building, but can work with other styles as well. I am also comfortable with making models on blender.

You can view some of my work below!

Night Forest Scene + Assets

Ice Cream Street + Assets

Sci-Fi Building + Assets

A separate build but with the same assets

PS: I haven’t sold these builds before(above) and am willing to sell them if anyone is interested.

Commission for @QuasarV3

Commission for @AuthenticSid

I am available to work 1 PM- 9 PM PST on most days(Weekdays + Weekends) and will communicate ASAP if I am unable to work on a certain day.

Robux is the preferred method of payment, but I am willing to take USD or percentage based pay if I see a lot of potential in the project.


Assets/Models/Buildings= 200R$- 1kR$

Small Map= 1kR$- 10kR$

Medium Map= 10kR$- 20kR$

Large Map= 20kR$ +

All prices are negotiable.

I will require proof of funds and 50% upfront pay to prevent scams.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord.
Discord: tutubeen#2917

Other: I value good communication and trust with all of the people I work with, and will do my best to offer those traits at all times. In turn, I ask for mutual respect and dedication to any projects at hand.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio.

I look forward to working with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hired AhnYng to model 20 backpacks and 4 egg stands, I told him I need it ASAP and preferably in 1 day. He didn’t ask for extra pay and made my backpacks in less than 48 hours. Then he also made my egg stands in less than 12 hours. The models were also not rushed, and we’re great quality. Last but not least he is a great guy to talk with, and has great communication skills, he always answers back really fast. What I am trying to get at is AhnYng is a great person to hire 9/10. I recommend you hire him for any modeling work!