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Angel is a Gameshow and Clothing group which has recently combined. We started in late August and strive to ensure that we deliver our community spectacular gameshows as well as well-designed clothing. We are a community that spreads positivity towards all topics as well as our members. We are currently looking for part-time scripters who we’re able to ask on some occasions for assistance when needed. This will include creating in-game help systems, custom commands, and other types of things around those categories.

Angel | Requirements

  • Must be 13 years of age older.
  • Must be able to script within ROBLOX Studio. We suggest that at least 1 year of scripting is quite optimal.
  • Must have a portfolio ready to present what you have created.
  • Must have a clean record within the ROBLOX community.
  • Must be able to join voice channels in order to attend meetings, you do not need to have a microphone.
  • Must be able to communicate with others in a professional and sensible manner.
  • Must be able to show your progress as you go with the scripting.
  • Must have a creative mindset to ensure that you’re able to express your ideas within the development team.

Angel | Job Perks

As a scripter, you will have numerous amount of perks that you will be able to enjoy and is granted once you have joined our team and have completed your job.

  • Contractor role within the communications server and ROBLOX group.
  • In-game commands which are not to be abused.
  • Flexible pay.
  • A wonderful working environment that supports all communities including LGBTQ+ and more.
  • Color changing name in-game.
  • Access to some gamepasses.

Angel | Payment

Regarding payments, this depends on what you’re asked to do when we need you to do so. This can go up to 15,000 Robux if it is a full-game that needs to be scripted (which would be a medium map) and can go from 2,000 - 4,000 if it is specific minigames. It just varies on what we need at the time.

Angel | Contact

Interested in applying? Feel free to contact our Owner (olivia#0001) on Discord.

We ask that you send your work right away instead of asking us if we are still hiring. If we feel that you have a good amount of potential for this job, you will be put directly into the Development Team immediately. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to list them when contacting us.

Development Team


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