[OPEN] Animator for hire


About Us

Hi there! Boardwalk | Burgers and Fries is a new restaurant role-play community coming to Roblox on November 7th - similar to SizzleBurger or Frappe. Boardwalk has a twist - we are the first restaurant on Roblox to combine a nightclub theme with a restaurant. Players can dance to a wide variety of music (house, techno, EDM, rap, R&B, etc) in our signature lounge with a red and blue ambience. This is not our first grand-opening - we first opened on February 13th, and are re-opening Boardwalk as a much improved restaurant role-play.

The Team
@petchdog - UI, and Scripter
@Santeeisweird9 - Scripter
@BoardwalkBOT - Builder and CEO of Boardwalk

You can see our progress once we come to a development agreement and you are welcomed to the team. The game is currently private to prevent it being leaked and to keep it a surprise to our community.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional animator. We require you to be invested in creating good animations. We are looking for outstanding animations that include:
Realism: For the eating animation, we would like a fork to be added in the arm which is responsible for the eating. However, if you do believe your a good animator, but are not able to do this, we could come to another agreement. It would be a bonus if you can make the food decrease too, for extra realism.
The game is in R6, so we require animations with R6.

We only need 3 animations total which must be done by November 7th, preferably November 5th so our development team can review the game and decide if anything needs to be changed, or if there are any bugs. We still encourage you to contact us if you are a good animator and cannot meet this deadline.


This is your product, you make the payment. We can also negotiate a payment if you see fit.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, or on our communications server. discord.gg/btbHSRP

You must be 13 years of age to apply.

Thanks for your interest in our animator position!! :slight_smile:

I don’t believe I can make the deadline but I believe that I am able to make the eating animations. I’ve done a lot of work with eating/drinking animations. If you’d like to see my work and talk more add me on Discord rai#4434.

Sent friend request! My username is Vorcets

Hello! Are you possibly in need of a graphic artist?
If needed, you may send a friend request via discord.

My discord: zander;;#2567