[OPEN] ariveua building portfolio | commissions

About Me

Hi there DevForum! I am ariveua. My services include GFX work, building, and blender work. I have been using F3X for around 2 years now off-and-on, but I recently got into it more.

Keep in mind that my work below goes has some of my best and worst builds.


Game Examples
Purple Cafe/Restaurant

Inspo: @awesomerebeccachen

Yellow Cafe



Horror/Halloween Build

Simulator Build


I am available for 2-4 hours on the weekdays after school (3:10pm EST) and 4-8 on the weekends. If I do not answer you, I am not ignoring you, I just am busy.


I accept payment through group funds (preferred) or T-Shirts by the hour/asset. If you want to give me a set amount at first that you will pay, I ask that you will please say if you’re using group funds or a T-Shirt, that way I will know if the price includes the 30% fee or not. Check out [OPEN] ariveua - Commissions for more info.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum @ariveua or on discord @mars.#8781

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!!

Those are mine from a different topic I posted.

removed, sorry for not reviewing but what I remembered were the images, apart from the fact that they have an insane change, you should replace them with more detailed work to attract more potential employers


It’s alright! I will add more detailed builds in the future. I want to show a range of different styles. :))

Were you inspired by my Violet’s Lattes cafe for your purple cafe?


Mhm! I was going to put it, but I only remembered your partners @, Lystical. I checked her portfolio and didn’t see your build there. Thank you for finding this and reaching out :slight_smile:

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What would the average price for a GFX Icon?

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50-150 R$ :)). It depends on the amount of effects, lighting, and people + if you want a set or not.

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do u have a new discord because the tag isnt working.