[OPEN] [ARMORS] [200USD/70K] Project Zenture Is Looking For A Skilled Modeler!

Project Zenture

About Us

Hi there! Project Zenture is an enormous upcoming MMORPG game and we are close to launch! We’re looking for a modeler who is willing to join our team and capable of doing quality armors for Zenture.

About The Job

We are looking for a skilled modeler to join our team as the armor maker. We expect high quality models and
specifically-made references are provided. These references are made solely for the game’s rig and are more of a modeling sheet as each armor reference will be side views, front, side and back. Good communication skills are appreciated; we require daily progress updates. We are using a modified R15 boy rig which will be provided. The amount of armors needed are between 5 and 10.




A Few Screenshots of Zenture




Payment would be via Robux or PayPal, and can be a mix of both.
For Robux: 5-7K Robux Per Armor (Negotiable)
For PayPal: 15-20 USD Per Armor (Negotiable)

Contact Us

You can contact us via any of the following methods:
On DevForum @AlvinPolys
Via Twitter @AlvinPolys
Via Discord AlvinPolys#0001
For availablility times check my portfolio.
You must be 15 years or older to apply and make sure to send the following:

  • Some of your previous work or your portfolio.
  • A short paragraph introducing your self.

If you have any inquires don’t hesitate to ask!
Thanks for your time! :smile:

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What do you mean by that? How can an animator make armors? I’m confused.
Other than that, it’s a great hiring post, good luck finding what you need! :slight_smile:

My bad! Missed up a little, but here we go, corrected it! Thanks!

No problem! Happy to help! :smiley:



  • Model Sheet Added For Reference.
  • Required Quality Added For Reference.

Position still available, contact info listed in the post.