[OPEN] Auggie's Scripting Portfolio

Hello there, my name is August but you can call me Auggie. I am a short term ROBLOX Scripter from Sweden who has been scripted since June/July 2019.

Here is some of my showcase (details are given of the projects):

Decal Projector

This was a commission I did for a person which is basically when you enter a asset id, a decal will be displayed on the projector. The GUI was not made by me.

Respawn Screen

This was something I made for fun mainly which was when I wanted to try to make a respawn screen. When you die, you could have the option to continue or leave the game.

Patty Grill

This was me trying to make a patty grill system similar to games such as SizzleBurger. You take an item from the fridge and then you can grill the item and the patty will tween to a nice grilled burger patty. I tried my best to positioning the burger meat on the stove.

Transparency Change GUI

This was a project which is relatively easy to do but it’s basically you have a gui and you can choose a value from 0 to 1 and you can apply the transparency on the brick then. I added some more effort as well to the GUI with a nice UIGradient on the Frame.

There was more I wanted to show but the file sizes to upload them here were unfortunately too big.

Completed Commission with Fox#0985.

I have a few terms you have to agree to and you should consider to understand before you should hire me.

  • I have a real life and have school which I have to complete as well as homework and as well stuff I want to do on my free time so I can’t be scripting 24/7 on ROBLOX. I will try as much as I can to work on your commission.

  • I take planning when making a game a lot. Planning is very important and is probably 80% of scripting.

  • I am expecting you to have a little patience. I will try to update you as much as I can on how I am working on your project and I would like if you don’t constantly will ask me what I am doing and respect that I have to plan on how your project will work.

  • I am ONLY a SHORT TERM Scripter and don’t try to bring me into long term projects please.

  • I can revoke your commission at any time and for any reason if I feel that you are having impatience or if I can’t handle your commission and/or due to stress.

I am usually avaiable every day in the afternoon and evenings in Central European Summer Time. Usually only online on evenings until latest 22:30 and earliest as 5:30.

Prices depend on the project size, the planning which would be required, how much time I have to give to it, etc.

You can contact me on Discord at Auggie#3798 and try to give a little of a portfolio of your project so I can understand a little more of what you are planning to do.

If you have any constructive criticism or feedback, please feel free to DM me on Discord.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Have a nice day!

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