(OPEN) Beginner Low-Poly/Cartoony modeler looking for a job

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a 3D modeler.


Here are some screenshots of my work.


I am available almost every day. Hours may vary.


Prices are negotiable. I pay through asset/model. My prices can vary from 100-500 robux depending on the size/complexity. You can pay through Gamepass or Private server.


You can contact me on discord at Tikki#6992

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Hey! If I was you I would try making some other things to showcase that don’t look so similar to the things other people have made. Try to create a very unique thing!

No hate, I like where you’re going but it’s just a suggestion!!

Yeah I’ve been following RoBuilders tutorials. I’m planning to get better and make bigger stuff.


I am a bit confused, you can pay? Are you saying you want to pay to model for people?

Wait what? Could you just not of said I don’t do low poly in blender? Also this looks like blender.

By ‘‘don’t’’ I mean I’m not a master at it. I do use blender to make them.

I mean people can pay throght that. Let me fix that.

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Saying that you (Don’t) Make models sounds pretty misleading, as if you dont make those models. Rather point out that you are not the best. :slight_smile: