(OPEN) Beginner scripter scripting for free!

READ: This is now a portfolio which is not free. I cannot change the title.

OPEN AS OF: Aug 4, 2022

Hey! @MRG_GROUPHOLDER here! Call me Mr. G. I have been playing Roblox since 2016 (on 3 different accounts.) I started developing a little late 2020, I made an auditorium but I am too embarrassed to link that, lol. It was all made by me but I was mainly testing studio. After that, I kinda went on and off for whatever reason. When I started to like developing in (mid) 2021, I started making a story game. I used some free models but really wanted to make it myself. Eventually, like most of my projects, I just experienced burnout and stopped about a week in lol. I made some games like MRG’s Chart Obby and a bunch of other stuff but I don’t want to get into that, (will take too long lol.) Fastforward to now, I mainly make random stuff since staying focused on a game is too hard. The reason I want to do commissions is because it’s working a little here and there, plus I make robux.

Okay so right now I haven’t done any commissions BUT:

  • I have been scripting for almost a month now, I can make basic stuff like a vending machine or a stove lol.

Before you go say “it’s not made by you” this is my other account that I mentioned, when I made it I put it so that I was born in 2017 because I didn’t trust Roblox much lol

  • I have around 6 months of experience in building, I use studio but looking to learn blender.

Since I just started with commissions, these are the prices:


  • Small Script (Click to change part color): 25-75 robux.
  • Medium Script (Vending Machine, Stove) 100-300 robux.
  • Hard Script (Something I don’t know much about, willing to learn it though: 400+ robux.


  • Small Build (Asset like a row of pots with trees) 10-50 robux.
  • Medium Build (Houses, buildings etc) 50-150 robux.
  • Large Build (Buildings + Interior, Skyscraper etc) 200+ robux.
  • Maps:

100 x 100 = 250
200 x 200 = 350
300 x 300 = 500
400 x 400 = 600
500 x 500 = 750
Will not make maps over 500 x 500.

NOTE Prices may vary based on item.

Usually on devforum, may be busy so you will have to wait. Just shoot a DM on DEVFORUM PREFERABLY but if you can’t, then Roblox.

  • Payment will be 30% up front, send screenshots of build and you pay the rest, then I will send the model. For scripts, I will show that the script works, then you pay the rest and I send the script.

  • No refunds.


  • No negotiating prices, I may go under if I feel like it, but once lowered the price will no longer be lowered. If you don’t like, the prices then go somewhere else.

  • No foul language, already obvious.

  • MUST pay upfront, to avoid scamming.

  • Payment is through game passes, once I check that the robux is pending I will send the item that you purchased.

  • Please be as descriptive as possible of what you want.


Feel free to ask questions on what I can make! Contact me by messaging me on roblox or here, on devforums!


Commissions full so far! I’ll finish them up soon so more can come!

COMMISIONS OPEN! Feel free to DM me!

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Okay,may you screenshot some work of yours?

I am working on that right now~!

I currently don’t have work of mine up yet, but I can tell you if I can make what you want or not. Just DM me!

How will you dm me? By discord? Roblox message?

Devforum DM.

(Roblox also works)


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Update on lag test:


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Do you have discord? If you do what is it?

I don’t have discord due to my parents not “liking” social medias. Sorry for the inconvenience.

COMMISIONS OPEN! Taking anything! Also, if you want me to make something just for nothing, you can ask me to try and make it! The more practice, the better!

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I learned some new stuff! Like a leaderstats script. DM me to hire me!


can you adjust master diagnoses race system to work with denokins dealership?

Tell me for more info!

Sorry for late response! Never got a notification. But sorry no, I don’t know how to make that.

Update: I learned how to make leaderstats and currency! Feel free to DM me here on the devforum!

hi i need help making a topic please show me how to i need help is not working

Go to the home page, on the top right it should say create topic!