[OPEN] BeHeaven needs an Animator

Hello, animators of Roblox! Behaven studios needs your help with animation with our game!
You’ll be animating

  • Running, Walking, Downed Animations
  • Killer attacks or power animations

and more!
You’ll be paid 15% of group funds.
If you’re interested contact me here: Magico#0002

is the % fully guaranteed or is there a backup payment aswell

This post is very vague. This post needs a lot more information so I’d recommend using the standard recruitment template because in DMs with me,you and your employee, you said they need to be more “realistic” while not mentioning realistic in your post. Please update the post.

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“You’ll be paid 15% of group funds.”

This seems like a very vague payment to me. You should either settle with 15% revenue or a clear amount.

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