[OPEN] BloxTown is Hiring a Scripter/Co-Owner

About Us

We are Trophy Developement. Creators of the future game, BloxTown. A Life Roleplay Game on roblox where players can experience an immersive roleplay experience. We currently have almost 1,000 discord server members before we’ve even released. I am currently the project’s builder and the map is 50% done. We expect to release in September/October.

About the job

As it is stated in the title. I am currently searching for an experienced scripter who can also Co-Own the project with me. As this is a roleplay game, you will be scripting things such as:

-House Furnishing System
-Main UIs
-Interactive Jobs
-And more things you’d find in a roleplay.


-Atleast 14 years or older.

-Good communication Abilities

-Responsibility and activity across the platform

-A passion in what you are doing.


Depending on your experience and activity, I am willing to offer up to 20-40% of the game’s revenue.


Feel free to contact me on discord! RunionX#8773

Thank you for reading!


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