[Open Budget $100+] Roblox Stock Car Racing Association Hiring Scripters & Builders

About Us

Hi there, thanks for showing interest. We are the Roblox Stock Car Racing Association. A new and upcoming racing league on Roblox, we currently have 300+ members. Our main focus is to contribute to the community that is already here, by building on the already existing scripts, builds, and cars and making them better in any way possible. With a new league, we need our own assets in order to grow in the racing community. Our main focus is on simulation and realism.

The Team
Our team is mostly situated on Discord right now.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to join our team as our lead content artist and a vehicle scripter. The builder(s) should be familiar with building smaller assets. Builders capable of making smaller NASCAR assets such as pit crew stalls, etc are also welcome. For scripting, any vehicle scripters capable of working on vehicle damage, engine physics and vehicle physics in general are welcome and NEEDED!.

Our staff is very patient and wants you to feel as welcome on our team as possible. You will never be rushed to finish your work, but we also encourage it to be done in a somewhat timely matter. Especially since we will be paying you (with some negotiation) according to what YOU deem your own work is worth.

We are paying Robux/USD per asset based on what you decide the asset should be worth (with a little bit of negotiation to make sure the price fits our budget, which is open so it shouldn’t be an issue). We will offer a contract for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the assets you’ve created

You can contact me on Discord at
I am also reachable by the dev forum. I look forward to hearing you soon!

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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