[OPEN] Builder for hire | Celkro

Hello, my name is Celkro and I have been on Roblox for a long time now, improving my skills every step of the way in an attempt to get better at what I love doing. I am 17, soon to go into college but I still have free time on my hands. I’ve lived in France :fr: and Spain :es: which has allowed me to get to understand different cultures and learn new languages and skills along the way. I currently live in the UK :uk:.

These are just a snapshot of what I can do, I am able to adapt to other building styles and different ploys.


UI Design

To find out more and discuss pricing:

You are able to contact me through the following, however, my prefered method of contact is discord:
Discord: Zak#5748
Devfourm: @Celkro

Thanks for taking your time and reading my portfolio :smile:


If you’re still available, I’m very interested! Sent you a contact request, I’m BIG DAWG#1399

Please add me on discord!


Doesn’t seem to work, sorry. Try to add me and if that doesn’t work, then send me an updated tag.