[OPEN!] Builder/Modeler for hire!


PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who needs a commission and can wait, will be placed on a waiting list for next year. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

Howdy all! My name is LowPolymous and as the title of this topic suggests I am placing myself under hire. I have been building on Roblox for roughly 2 years now and have developed some skills in both building and modelling that will be sure to entice you!


Builds And Models

Here are a few builds/models that i have completed.

Some of these builds have renders to make them look more appealing. These can be found in the “Renders” tab.

Bigger Builds


Medium Builds



Smaller Builds


Here are a few Renders of my models and builds that i produced.
Please Note The knife and fork is the most recent as i finally improved my lighting.

Information and Details:

Some More Info

Hello my name is LowPolymous and I’ve been building on Roblox for roughly 2 years. I specialise in a “cartoony” build style that closely resembles that of Adopt me, Meep city and Jailbreak.

I do occasionally dabble with higher detail builds but have not completed one of those in about a year as I have found my true calling as to when it comes to a build style! :grin:


As I am currently attending college, Monday to Thursday I will not be building, However anytime between Friday and Sunday night is completely fine as long as I’m not bombarded by my course work and stuff!

I am always available to discuss things but will only be able to complete them with the allotted time schedule above.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. My preferred payment method is PayPal, However, I know that isn’t that accessible to the younger demographic so Robux will be fine too. :yum:

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum,via Twitter and Discord

My Messages should be open so feel free to contact me anytime about any questions or queries.

Thank you so much for reading! :grin:


Impressive work mate


Thank You :3


Great work! My associate (Existencez) has contacted you on behalf of a Modeling position.
I particularly like your medium builds, as they really stand out.


I like the houses, specifically the second and first two screenshots shown under the medium build point. Good use of meshes, which made the houses look good. I’m sure you’ll have some place to work at with this skill.


I’m in love with your houses and renders, awesome! :stuck_out_tongue: