[OPEN] Builder Portfolio [Drjones1239]

I’ve been on Roblox since 2014 and have used studio for a few years. I’ve never done a commission before and am looking for something to start with.


I can do Mid-Poly builds Pretty well


I am not good at modeling, I use it Very rarely for only simple things, as well I do not have much practice with low-Poly, but I plan on practicing Low-Poly soon.

A few Things I made for This



Basketball Court

Picnic Table

I’m Available most weekdays for around 3-4 hours. On weekends I can probably do around 4-5. I am not available most Fridays though.

I only except Robux Payments currently, Prices depend on the size of what needs built.

  1. I have the right to deny any request.
  2. No Refunds.
  3. No Rushing.
  4. The build cannot break the Roblox ToS.
  5. No Scripts in the builds, I can’t script.
  6. I can add anything I create for you to this Portfolio.

You can Contact me Through Discord at Drjones1239#6234