[OPEN!] Builder with 3+ years of experience for hire!

About Me :construction_worker_man:

Hi there! I am Anix_Y aka Josh, 17 year old builder with 3+ Years of experience. Today I am offering my experience, skills and service as builder!

Showcase :camera_flash:

This 2 sites are my portfolio sites, have a look around! :
Also I can provide more photos if you contact me !


I am available for 3-6 hours everyday. My DM’s are always opened! (If I am not responding to DM’s in work time, I am busy with something , or I am working on the task you gave me)

Payment :moneybag:
Of course, prices are always negotiable. Currently I accept USD only because of some problems my family has with bills ( I don’t want to go in detail). This is the price list.

Simple props(Chairs, tables etc) - 0.50 - 3$
Small buildings - 1-3 Medium buildings - 2- 8 (depends on complexity)
Large buildings 8 - 20$ (If its really complex then its more than 20)
Maps- I don’t build maps because of previous experiences.
Schools, home stores and cafe’s are things I stopped working on. If you would like one of those please contact someone that does it !

Also a new thing, I can accept robux aswell as USD paypal. Robux prices are in range of USD prices which means you need to pay me the amount of robux that you could buy with USD ( Example, 10$ ~ 800 Robux)

Terms of Service

:small_orange_diamond:I require at least 30% of payment before I start to work, this will asure I don’t get scammed.

:small_orange_diamond:After you payed me at least 30% of payment I will start working on builds, and in less than a week send you stuff I made.

:small_orange_diamond:I won’t build on shared baseplate, I will build on my own. I am doing this becasue of past experiences and scamming.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord Josip_V#9247
E-mail is also an option, josipvedris22@gmail.com

Extra info
If you give me enough time I can build you requested thing. If you give me task to build large house in 2 days, I will most likely tell you to find someone else who can make that happen. I simply need time to make quality work!

Thanks for reading :wave:
Thanks for reading, I hope that my service will help you out in your games!