[OPEN] Builders / Scripters / Animators

Riku Studios is in search of professional and knowledgeable builders, scripters, UI designers, and animators for our upcoming hangout game. We have the base build of our game already finished but are in need of interior building as well as scripting, UI design, and animating to add to the game.

Riku Studio is a studio that was branched off from two clothing groups, founded by ceoriku and zeoriku in hopes of expanding their community, with a total of 316K+ members combined. We believe this is an amazing opportunity for talented individuals to earn recognition as well as job experience considering our large platform that stretches out to multiple social media platforms, not just Roblox.

We require that any individual interested in this job be skilled and have proper experience with Roblox studio, as well as a previous commission or long-term position for other groups/games with proof. We recommend having 6-12+ months of experience before applying.

What we’re looking for:

  • Interior building for our base build
  • Gamepass, gear shop, currency purchase menus (UI and script)
  • Hide names button (UI and script)
  • AFK indicator
  • Emote/Dance menu (UI and script)
  • Money and leveling system (UI and script)
  • Various sitting and action animations for objects and furniture within the build

We are not looking to provide a revenue percentage for this project, as this is a one-time job, and are not seeking long-term employment at our studio.

Payment can be discussed privately.

Discord for any inquiries: christina#0420


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