[Open] Builder/Scripter

About Me

Hi there! I am 16 years old and from North America, PST time zone. I am currently offering my services as a programmer and UI designer. I have been programming for around a year and a half now, mainly contributing to making components for games and certain systems. I can script your basic game needs, such as GUI(I can also make the GUI that needs to be scripted), Background Music, Core game scripts, leaderboards, etc… No guns or weapons. I am always learning and growing my LUA programming skills. I am also fluent in C++, HTML, CSS, I am learning Javascript and hope to learn python very soon.



(Cars are free models in last picture)




If you are suspicious about links, these are all Youtube Links. However, you can always DM me and I can send you the videos in MP4 file version. I can not guarantee that will work, however.
Some of the videos may be laggy, I have terrible recording software, was just using Roblox studios default one HaHa
SPC Follow (Showcase) -sureloxx - YouTube
Gernade system - sureloxx - YouTube
GUI Scripting System - sureloxx - YouTube
Cafe Machine System - sureloxx - YouTube
Cooking system - sureloxx - YouTube


I am available 4-5 hours weekdays and 6-7 hours weekend. I can pretty much work every day of the week unless something comes up.


Prices are negotiable as always, I accept Robux or Paypal. We can always discuss this. I do not take payments through shirts or such. If we are doing a Robux transaction it will be done through group funds.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or On discord: sureloxx#0001

If you have any questions or concerns you can Dm me. Thanks for reading!


Sorry about the messy portfolio. I am still getting the hang of everything.


I would love to hire you!
I sent you a friend on dizzy btw!