(Open) Building Portfolio (UPDATED)


About Me
Hello, I am Samchan77. I build and model. I can do high poly and low poly.

Some Examples

Low Poly Room

Low/Medium Poly One Piece Island (Some things based off of Sir_Trolling)


Some Island and a Prison Map for Prison Simulator(WIP GAME)



I am available after school every day except Tuesday (EST).

Depends on what I have to do. We can negotiate too. I do not accept USD
Usually, my low poly builds are cheaper than my high poly.
My maps price ranges to 400R$-20K R$ and sometimes higher depending on what I have to do.
My models cost 30R$+

You can contact me on Dev Forum or on Roblox. If I want to work for you I will send my disc.


You should put you’r prices in for people to know.


You should at least put a price range + negotiable so people know what to expect for your services.


I agree with @Krunnie adding a general price range would be nice. I understand that prices vary, but maybe add how muched you charged for your previous builds. Like an example.

Good luck with your builds!


@Krunnie @sbob12345m
Okay, thank you for the advice.

What type of builds do people like to see in portfolios?

Hello! I updated my portfolio! We are now back OPEN! I will also be adding more examples along my career.


When do you need the swords done by?


Excellent work! I’d like to commission you, can we discuss details over on Discord? My discord is Shinedown204#3381


Okay, I have sent you the fr! Cya there!

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Easy task, I can get it done in a few days.
Although I’m not interested in this job.

1 month for 8 swords is outrageous unless your learning the actual program still.
People that are experienced would be able to complete it in a more time effective manner.

Hopefully taking 1 month to do this will at least provide quality.


What was the point of that message if you are not interested in working for him…


Explaining that 1 month to make 8 swords is absurd.


Oh, okay. I see what you mean.


Okay, I will get it done before then.


I totally agree, if anything modelling 8 swords on average would take 2 - 3 days, maybe a week but a whole month is something else.

Scotty's Developments: Looking for skilled developers!

Okay, tell me when you will accept it.


I will start making swords tomorrow.


Add me Tor#1329, unless your username is easy to connect to you please reply with yours so I know who to accept.


Okay, I direct messaged you, so you can know.


Hey, I happen to be looking for a builder. Im trying to develop a team to make a neat game. Development Team - Looking for Developers [% of Game Revenue]

As I’m looking for a low-poly builder, you seem to be a good fit. Not sure if my money situation fits or is below what you expect.