[OPEN] Calvin Dior is looking for scripters!

Hello there! We meet again! I’m Jonofdoom, one of the project managers for Calvin Dior, a fast growing group. The company is once again looking for scripters to help script one of our ongoing projects. Take a look at what we are asking you to do below!

elevator, gui-based system:

The player touches an elevator door, or goes inside and a GUI appears as an elevator panel with the amount of floors the building supports. You click, it dings and teleports you to that floor. Each floor has an elevator and will have the same system.

Realistic Day/Night System:
Looking for scripters who can script time onto an already made phone, while occupying a day/night system that relates to the time in-game, as displayed on the phone. Would want it to react to the different day stages. In addition*, being able to make doors open/close based off in-game time.

Money system / game load:
Script a money system onto an already made phone. A simple money in-bank, money on-hand system. Would want it to reward a certain list of group members a specific amount every day cycle in-game. Furthermore, would want the game progress to be able to save, so users don’t have to restart every time they play.

Payment ranges from R$750-R$4,000.
We will be offering long-term employment to scripters we want to add to our team, and offering a salary as it regards to that of chosen.

We are looking for stellar scripters, and are willing to discuss pay within the ranges listed above, and determining on if we hire you for a commission or onto our development team.

If you are interested, reach out to me on discord (jonofdoom#1138) or Calvin via discord (Calvin.#1130). Or you can simply comment on this post.

We hope you consider this amazing opportunity. Thank you! :smiley:
[Must be 13 years or older to apply.]

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To anyone who wants to apply, just DM jono or calvin. I am a long term builder for Calvin Dior, on a salary, and they are professional and realistic. Good luck to anyone who is interested.

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