[OPEN] CAS Studios is hiring a 3D Modeler and Builder

About Us

Hi there! We are CAS Studios, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for developer who are willing to join our team and work on our games.

The Team
@ShadowArcher96 | Project Manager
OPEN | Scripter
@GamersInternational | GUI/UI
@musab_omg2 | GFX
OPEN | 3D Modeler

About The Job

We are looking for developers to join our group’s dev team.


We are paying as percentages of the group’s profit.
Builder - 7%
Scripter - 8%
GUI/UI - 7%
GFX - 8%
3D Modeler - 7%

Contact Us

You can contact here on the Developer Forum or message @ShadowArcher96 on roblox.

Thanks for reading!


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