[OPEN] Chaseowski - 3D Modeling - Commissions

About Me

Hello, my name is Chaseowski. I am a modeler with 1+ year(s) of Blender experience, I am mostly proficient with modeling weapons, I also have done simple props before and I have miniscule practice with armor (R6)

Work/Model Examples:

Weapon Models




Prices range/differ depending on the quality, style, or complexity of the model you’re looking to be modeled/commissioned, I take PayPal, USD

Things to take note of:

I require reference images as I am not too keen or don’t work well with creating original designs. I can’t texture either.

Contact Options:

You can contact me on Discord or through Twitter, though if you are unable to contact me there, I also can be contacted on Twitter

Discord: Chaseowski#6781
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chaseowski


This guy is a good modeler, If I would be looking for a second modeler for the project I will consider Chaseowski.