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This post is now outdated; please check my new one: Open | Cheap, experienced Graphics Designer + more

For information, please DM me on Discord - callum#0003 - and I’ll reply within 24 hours. my prices for what i’ve got listed are the same, but i’m also selling renders now!

Most of my prices are negotiable, however please do note that this does not mean all of them are. You can pay me either via Robux or via PayPal.

Robux methods:
Shirt - 30% extra due to Roblox fees
Gamepass - 30% extra due to Roblox fees
Group Funds - Normal pricing

Paypal methods:
Normal PayPal - Normal Pricing


Logo - 275 :robux_light:
Thumbnail - 600 :robux_light:
Advertisement - 200 :robux_light:
Badge/Gamepass Icon - 100 :robux_light:
Currency Asset (or any other asset) - 100 - 250 :robux_light:

NOTE: Prices may vary on any of the products that have [X - X :robux_light:] in them, depending on the time taken to make them.

Deals / Offers that end soon


Without Deal: 2125 :robux_light:

With Deal: 1700 :robux_light:

Deal includes: 1 Game Logo OR 1 Group Logo + 2 thumbnails + 1 advertisements + 2 Badge/Gamepass Icons + 3 Asset logos (currencies etc)

Permanent Deals / Offers

Without Deal: 1175 :robux_light:

With Deal : 750 :robux_light:

Deal includes: 1 Game Logo + 1 thumbnail + 1 Asset logo (currency etc)

More to be added soon!


Contact Information

Developer Forum: xw8c
Discord: xw8c#7670
Twitter: xw8c_
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: