[OPEN] Clicker World is hiring a 3D modeler

Who are we?

Hello! We are an upcoming simulator called ELOQUENT STUDIOS. This is a studio that has been made very recently. This is founded by me and and my irl(in real life) friend, PiggyDev0821.


  • Trees
  • Mountains
  • Rocks
  • A Shop
  • Pathways
  • plz low poly :smiley:


@PiggyDev0821 - Manager/ BalanceofGame/ Builder (He won’t make assets (25%)
@FelixProfit - Gameplay Programmer/Main Programmer (50%)
@CouldBeYou! - 3D Modeler


Unfortunetly we don’t have much robux. We are willing to give 25% for now though. We will spend 9k robux on ads.


Please dm me through Hidden Devolopers or RoDev ( I have too many friend request)

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