[OPEN] Cofa is hiring a UI Designer and scripter in one

About Us

Salutations there, Cofa is looking for a UI designer and a scripter in one, this is for a single project but complex.

The Team
@troublesteo - Chairman & builder
@Juicoius - Contributor & designer
Who’ll be this? - Scripter & UI Designer

About The Job

Cofa is looking for a UI designer/scripter to create a wifi interface fully scripted, this should have a management section to change the password for only a certain user, a login page where you need to create a username from a selected along with entering a password set from the management section, once they’ve logged in, they should have a wifi feature where they click it and see text.

Our style of UIs like @ProfessionalXVI

Our game needs this done by the end of August or we are not interested in you contributing for us.


We will pay via group funds of a fair price, consumed by you, please add us on Discord for more information.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at call me steo.#2889
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! Please message me with a portfolio link, if I am interested I will get back to you.


Updated my Discord, contact me now at:


Do not contact me on Roblox, I do not read Roblox messages due to spam, Twitter will be read every couple of days, highly suggest Discord.

May you elaborate on the task? Your outline is very vague, and could be unreasonable if there is no estimated/outlined payment, this drives me away from contributing.

Also, looking for a UI Designer and a Scripter as one person may be very hard, and it is suggested to hire two different people as many UI Designers are not Scripters, and many scripters are not experienced as a potentially specialised UI Designer. Next time please elaborate and consider the pros and cons of the result of the task you’re assigning to the contractor.

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Alright, will do an update later on.

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