[OPEN] Crash Override Studio Hiring Scripter and a Builder

About Us

Hi, we are Crash Override Studio. Our plan is to make fun games for kids ages 6-18 on Roblox!
This is a new studio, just created recently!

The Team
@FinestBuilds - Modeler/Scripter/Builder
@PrixFoxzer - UI/Gfx designer
@could be you - Scripter
@could be you - Builder

About The Job

Currently, we are looking for one scripter and builder to start working on a few projects. This is a long-term team so don’t expect this to be short. The building style we’re looking for is someone who can do a mix of low/high poly. For scripting wise just someone who has 2+ years.


We are paying per asset via robux or usd, Payment will be discussed upon interview.

Contact Us

You can contact me at Kachow#0206

Best of luck to the people who apply!


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