{OPEN} ddd+dd Builder + Modeler

About Us

haiiii my name is dddogy and i am offering my services as builder/modeler. I also work with a partner @DoomedDylan who is a modeler. we are a team together which we call ourselfs the ddd+dd and we are opening our commission! I have been on roblox since 2011 but decided to take a long break and decided to come back after a few years! I intrinsically love building . I do all sorts of styles and my specialty is roleplay games!!!



i can work whenever around my school. I would say i am pretty active, and try to get my work done as fast as you like :smiley: i will send you screenshots of the work as it goes on to see if you are satisfied.


prices are negotiable!


you can contact me on here, but best way is discord!
mine is HAYLOCOOKIE#1307
doomeddylan is DoomedDylan#7339

thank you for reading! :blush: :yum: