[OPEN] Dead's Calling Hiring a Scripter [100K ROBUX]

About Us

Hello! We are a development team working on an upcoming project best known as Dead’s Calling (DC for short) we are currently making a classic first-person shooter based off COD Zombies. We are a team of highly talented developers and we are looking for a scripter to be joining our team to build a advanced framework.

You can check me out on twitter, to see any further information on me.
Also you can find our main twitter handle for the game itself also on twitter.

The Requirements go as follow

  • You must be over the age of 13
  • Must have experience with viewmodels
  • Must be able to work with a team
  • 2+ Years in luau

The Dead’s Calling Development Team
@vv5ng - Director of Dead’s Calling and builder
@CuriousFahan - Co-Owner and Modeler for Dead’s Calling
@BolterSmokey - Scripter
@XaddyGoat - Scripter
@De_rekio - Builder
@ASUS_ROG - Texture Artist
@ap_ek - Gun Modeler
@helicores - Animator

Here’s some pictures from the game of what we currently have so far.




Excuse the UI it’s old and is currently being re-made

The Job
The job you will be taking will be to make us a fully fledged gun framework like the one’s listed below. So this means gun functions, sway, recoil and movement pretty much the full package of a framework. We want a specific style which will be shown in the video listed below as said above.


This is the type of style we are looking for!


Now for payment we are paying a grand total of 100k robux for the framework, if you are interested please follow on the page to the contact section. We also require your portfolio and any past work you may have to show. So before adding us please give us that!

100k - Robux (Group Funds)

Contact Us

You can either contact me on discord or here on the developer forum, which ever suits you best.
Discord: Passion#8552

Remember before adding provide your portfolio and some past work if possible.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
We hope to see you soon!


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