[OPEN] Delta Corporation Is Looking For Devs

About Us

Hey there I am pinchpotmonster. Currently the only developer for a game I am making. I also have another game in progress that I will also focus on. I am looking for devs to help me because being a solo developer is extremely hard.

About The Job

So about the job I am looking for 1 Builder, 1 Scripter, 1 Artist.
That game is loosely based off of SCP. But is NOT an SCP game, more information will be disclosed upon you being hired.

The builder must be able to build in a somewhat realistic style. They will be in charge of building the whole facility.

The scripter must be able to script things such as Gun Systems, Doors and more. I will be helping the scripter.

The artist must be able to Model. It would be good if they could animate, create UI’s etc.


I know percentage isn’t a “Trusted” income, believe me I know. But as I do not have any robux you will have to be payed in percentage. Any robux I do get before public publish will be put towards the groups.

Every developer will receive a payment of 25% of game earnings.


  • Take pride in this project and the work you put into it
  • A portfolio is required upon applying
  • Able to work in a healthy environment


If you are interested in becoming a developer please contact me here on the DevForum. I have a discord server set up that you will be invited to upon being hired.

Thanks For Reading! :slight_smile:


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