[OPEN] EmpRR Clothing Designer Service


Hello, EmpRR is the name of our brand, this is a service me (Empyror) and my partner (9RR/Abyss) provide and we make all kinds of clothing, we’re an extremely capable duo and been working for months smoothly and are capable of making any kind of clothing, we both work on each costume and I do the linework and my partner does the postwork.


Here are some screenshots of our work

cllb clow collab naic nanosuit sh4 yayeet yet


We’re usually available about 2-6 hours aday.


We have our own tier system for clothing, tiers are shown in our list + their prices next to them. We take all payments in advance and will show progress to the customer and make sure the final product meets or is above expectations.

Our prices


Empyror#0614 on discord for further information.