[OPEN] Experienced 3D Modeller FOR HIRE || Horse Academy, Cooking In The Rain, Creator Island

3D Artist Portfolio - Modeller, Builder and Animator

About Me
Howdy Robloxian! I am Arjun, I go by @AGdaNOOB. I hail from New Delhi, India and am a 3D Modeller and Builder on the Roblox Metaverse. I am currently studying stylized low poly art. I am greatly inclined towards digital fashion. You will get to see examples of such nature from my showcase.
I love to study analytics, trends, markets and target audiences.
I use Blender, Substance Painter and Procreate.
I have had 45 UGC Collaborations.


  • Hairstyles
    Making hair is one of the most complicated skills to master on Roblox. I have made many hairstyles for the Roblox catalog. I have learnt the art of making hair bases from Beeism. You can find examples of the hair I make under the dropdown.
Hairstyle Examples May 2022
  • Low Poly Buildings
    I try to align my aesthetic of low poly stylized art with the idea of ‘Simple But Not Too Simple’. I use color theory for all my buildings. Examples of my low poly buildings can be found under the dropdown.

  • UGC (New + Outdated Showcase - June 2021)

I am available on all days except Sunday. One can message me at any time and can expect me to get back once I am on my setup, generally under 24 hours of messaging me.

I usually work on two types of commissions.

  1. UGC Catalog Collaborations
    I take either robux, % of the profits or both. Depends upon mutual agreement between the client and I.
    Hair starts at R$ 40K
    Hats, Front, Back Accessories etc start at R$ 30K

  2. Game Assets
    Games generally require many assets at once. Each asset starts at R$ 10K

Terms Of Service

  • No Refunds once I start, since I have already put my time and effort into making the order.
  • Revision on the original requests will be 25% each of the original commission.
  • I take all payments upfront.


Twitter @AGdaNOOB

Discord @AGdaNOOB#7115

Please message me with adequate details for me to get back to you on! :grinning: