[OPEN] Experienced UI Designer

:wave: About Me

Hiya there! I’m itilva8630, and I’ve been here on Roblox for about 5 years! I love making UIs, which is why I’ve opened commissions. My goal is to be able to provide UIs to all groups for a reasonable price. I will work hard to get your commission done and I’ll get it done on time.

:eyes: Showcase

Here are some screenshots of my work!

This is one of my favorite commissions I made.

This is a character customization UI I made.

This is a part of an order system I made.
This is another part of the order system.

This is a UI I made for my other project.

This is a commission I did for Macchiato Cafe.

:exclamation: Terms

If you choose to hire me, please follow these guidelines;

  • You have the right to ask for progress! However, please don’t ask me every 30 seconds.
  • I will try my hardest to get your UI done by the time you request it done by, I’ve never yet been late for a commission!
  • I have the right to decline an order at any time.
  • I require half the payment before I start making the UI then you pay the other half before I send over the files.
  • I do not script the UIs. I’ll simply make them for you. Any average scripter is able to script the UIs. However, I’ll provide each page of the UI, including a button to open them, based on what you’d like!
  • I do not provide refunds, please see the next bullet for more information if you want things changed.
  • If you’d like something changed before you pay the full price, I’m able to do slight changes to ensure you like the UI. However, if it’s after I hand you the UI, I can’t promise anything.
  • I only accept Robux payments, not gift cards or any other sort of payment. More information is located below!
  • You may not resell anything I make without previous confirmation from myself.

:moneybag: Payment

Prices are negotiable, I accept Robux commissions. I do not accept a percentage for commissions. You may pay via a t-shirt, however, you’d need to cover the tax. If you pay via group funds, there is no tax. My prices are quite low.

Full-Screen UIs - 250 Robux
Small Icons - 150 Robux (Multiple)
Other - Price depends
Please note, this is a base price, prices change based off of the commissions complexity.

:email: Contact

If you’re interested in hiring or chatting with me, please talk to me via discord; itilva8630#8882.

Thanks for reading! :grin:


Due to not all clients having the Member role here on the DevForum, here are some reviews;

A very experienced person with a great personality!
I really recommend him as he is thoughtful and generous in his prices and not too quick but not too long in doing the work commissioned.

I really recommend him 10/10


Hey. Are you still taking commissions?

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