[OPEN] Flame's GFX Portfolio

About Me

Hi there! I’ve been a GFX designer for over a year now and have been expanding my services slowly. I hope to get some pay and help some people with my graphics work for a cheap price.


Below you can find two pieces of my recent work.

Group Icon Fan Art

Practice GFX 1

What do I use?

I use C4D for the renders. (This includes a lightroom.)
I use paint.net for the rest. (Sometimes I use Photoshop CC.)


I am available almost 24/7 and is active on both Roblox and Discord. I am not that active on Sundays between 3:00pm CST - 8:00pm CST. I do not have school interference currently so I am very much available.


Prices are negotiable, I only accept payment of Robux.

Thumbnails: 100 Robux
Game Icons: 100 Robux

(You may also comment on pricing arranges.)


It is best to contact me by my Discord.


Proof of Completed Orders

Proof of Order 1

Thanks for reading, I hope to see myself working for you!


Hey there, please don’t post your portfolio again! Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

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Will keep this in mind. I’m interested in hiring you for my thumbnails for my ROBLOX game.

I understand. Apologies. I’ll make sure to not do that again.

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Okay, thank you! I’d love to work with you.

Your work is amazing! I’d highly recommend you to others! May I ask a question? So I made a feedback post asking for feedback on my GFX. I was wondering if you could give me feedback and tell me if I should start charging Robux for my work? Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much! Please send some pictures of your GFX and I can give you feedback and more. :slight_smile:

Oh okay. I made a feedback post too. Here they are:

I’m still new to the whole GFX thing :smiley:

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What do you use to make your renders?

The second GFX hat is off of the head a bit, make sure it fits on the head.

The legs on both of GFX are a bit weird but they look fine!

I love the shading, it looks great!

Yes I know about the hats - they weren’t lining up.
I use Blender 2.82, Roblox Studio and the Load Character Pro plugin on Studio.

Oh and on the first one, my HDRI wasn’t there.

I perfer C4D over Blender currently, and I love this tutorial that gave me a great start on GFX.

The link to this tutorial was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcRAuaXhqHk

I hope this video would help, Blender gave me issues but C4D is easy and can get a high quality render in 5 minutes.

I can’t afford C4D. Oh and renders for me in Blender take under 10 seconds.

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Oh okay. That’s good…

I got to go though, I can talk later.

You should raise your prices. Don’t underestimate yourself! :+1:

Thank you, I may increase it. :slight_smile:

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Another work piece has been added.