[OPEN FOR COMMISIONS] softdevv's Portfolio | UI Designer


Hey there fellow developers! I’m softdevv, and I’ve been working with UI for a few months now. I typically work with relatively simple UI designs. In terms of experience, I have worked for multiple groups such as Mash’d, and have been doing UI for all of my games.

Here are some examples of my work (still adding more), which I am allowed to post.


More examples will be coming soon.

In terms of payment, a reasonable amount based on quality and effort is expected from me. I prefer being payed in Robux in group funds, however, if its a t-shirt, then I expect the marketplace fee to be covered by you.

I do not take percentages, unless it is accompanied with a commission.

Here are some set prices per UI which I prefer:

  • Simplistic UI (no shadows, low-poly design) : R$100
  • Semi Complex UI (shadows, curved corners) : R$450
  • Complex UI (shadows, curved corners, gradients, top bars, semi-transparent textures): R$650

I should be available for at least 2-5 hours per day. I live in Australia, so schedules may sometimes be problematic if you live on the other side of the world.

Please note that when you contact me, please already have what you need from me in mind, and fully explainable. If possible, also have a reference as this makes it easier.
Discord: softdevv#2278

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


You can manually embed them by doing the following
![](Link here
.png) < this goes above to encaspluate with file type (), cant do it since it hides it.

I’ll do one for you :+1: (personally liked this one)

ty :slight_smile:
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I would like to hire you but the discord name and tag didn’t work. Please friend Person#5019!