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I am posting this on behalf of my friend GM_UniversalSpark.

About me:
Hello My name GM_UniversalSpark, but please call me Uni or Universal, I am a graphic designer who has been designing and making graphics for a long time, I mostly do work in the star wars genre as I have been mostly active in this specific genre although I am willing to branch out and do other design work, I offer high quality graphics, I’m willing to do group emblems and logos, ads and thumbnails.
I proud my self on my work and try to cater to your needs as much as possible to create the best graphics and service possible to you, My prices are what I think are fair and are dependant on the amount of time it’s going to take me and the amount of detail it needs.

Examples of my work:
Here are some of my examples I have done over the years and should show you how much pride I take in my work below I have listed a website containing some of my artworks.

I’m currently mostly free during the weekend and I’m also able to work a few hours in the weekdays depending how busy I get, but please mind some projects take longer then other depending on difficulty and detail.

As I mentioned before my prices are set, and may be more depending on detail and other variables.
Group emblems and logos: 4-8k+
Thumbnails: 4-12k+
ads: 4-10k+

Contact Info.
Please don’t be afraid to get in contact with me! I’m super friendly and easy to get on with,
Roblox message: GM_UniversalSparks
Discord:kevin / universals