[Open For-Hire] Business Manager

About me
Hello, my name is Tiakeno, I am a Business Manager, I have 3 years of experience in marketing, I lead marketing organizations, leading innovation, and providing strategic vision. I also specialize in team leadership as I can manage your staff or dev team.

1: Hiring people (Clothing designers, Builders, UI designers, GFX designers, etc.).
2: From interviews/training schedules. [OPTIONAL]
3: Making handbooks and guides, which is completely optional.
4: Regular discussions on ways the business could improve.
5: Tips on business and future plans

The payment will have to be discussed, it really depends on how large the job is. Payment for group/server manager jobs would be around 2.2k a week. This is negotiable, but, I might work for a percentage if I find you trustworthy.

Discord (Tiakeno#2201)
Or you can contact me here.

Extra information
This job might be long or short term, it really depends on if your business has already started or you’re in the middle and need someone to help and support you. The longest I am willing to work for is 2 months, but of course, we can adjust this and make it longer or shorter, whatever the customer needs, I am available from 2:00 PM - 11:00 PM GMT +3.

Places I worked for
Football champions (Community manager)
Dexus Studio (Bussince manager)
Insight games ( Administrator)
Other less popular communities.

@Tiakeno1 I would love to help! I sent a friend request on Discord.

@Tiakeno1 may you DM me on Discord instead $KINGDMAN#4793.

I need a business manager contact me, your discord says it’s incorrect, GamerCrusaderPlayz#9076