[OPEN] [FOR HIRE] UI Designer

Sixroad - UI and a lil programming :slightly_smiling_face:

**Hey there. I am sixroad, a UI Designer! I am looking for work, and I love working with new people. Contact me on my discord (bottom of portfolio) for commissions!

  • Clash of Kings (24k+ members)
  • ImperiousAugusti’s California Highway Patrol (100k+ visits)
  • The Odyssey (10k+ members)
  • San Andreas Multiplayer (139k+ visits)
  • Space Explorers
  • @Lions
  • Tower.exe
  • Hanma
  • Project Saikyo

FYI - This is a new & improved version of my portfolio

Thats just some places I have previously work. When I leave from somewhere, my clients are always satisfied. I do my absolute best to make sure my clients are happy. The harder I work, the better I will get at UI designing.

This section will be updated as I make more work. The bad work will be removed, and thats why there are so many edits on my portfolio! I currently work for everyone who wants my commissions.

My Work
Military UI I scripted:


Available 24/7, except for sleeping… So not really 24/7? I go to sleep 10 PM - 2 AM. I am Central Timezone.

Prices will be negotiated! 1-3k for UI packages (all necessary UI you need for your game)
And 200-300 robux for singular UIs.

And no I will not accept payment once your game has launched, sorry. If you want me to script your UI, it cannot be complex whatsoever.

Thanks for reading!

  • Thanks.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forums, or on discord! (preferably discord because i am on it more often) Spamming me will not work, and will lead to a block. Sending me links automatically will also lead to a block, even if it looks real I won’t fall for it.


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:!


Your discord tag isn’t valid. Also I want to hire you

My apologies, I apparentely put an S at the end of it instead.

Its fixed now, but ill put it here too: